Are Gotya Covered seat covers Australian made?

All of our seat covers are manufactured here in Welshpool, Western Australia. We do not contract or outsource any of our production work. This allows us to ensure all of our seat covers are made to the highest possible quality. Our covers are proudly Australian Made with Australian fabrics.

Do Gotya Covered seat covers come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our seat covers come with a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing or stitching defects.

Will Gotya Covered seat covers damage leather seats?

If your vehicle is fitted with leather seats, we would recommend our foam back denim fabric. It has a 5mm high density foam backing which does not act as an abrasive against your seats. Our premium foam backed canvas is also a recommended option for leather seats.

Are canvas seat covers waterproof?

Yes, our canvas seat covers, foam backed canvas and camo range are all fully waterproof.

How to fit canvas seat covers?

Our seat covers are easy to fit. We use a combination of velcro fasteners and flaps. We supply fitting instructions with every order and can answer any queries you may have when fitting covers to your vehicle.