Custom Embroidery

In addition to our extensive seat cover range we also offer the option to personalise your covers with custom embroidery. If your seat covers are for personal or business use, adding a logo can be the finishing touch to complete the look of your new covers.

Adding your company logo to your seat covers will set your vehicle apart and give your covers a professional look. Companies often have branded signage on the exterior of their vehicles, featuring your company logo on your covers will advertise your brand from the interior too. It will give your fleet the complete corporate look and set you apart from your competitors.

We have a state of the art custom embroidery machine on site and in just a few easy steps we can digitize your company logo to be featured on your seat covers. Using our extensive range of premium quality embroidery threads, we can embroider logos on all of our Australian made fabrics. Whether you opt for covers in denim, canvas or from our Seat Armour range we have got you covered.

Once we have digitized your custom logo we can scale or enlarge it as required, however we do have recommended sizing guidelines that we follow. This ensures the final embroidered logo is finished to the highest possible standard. Our staff can guide you through this process when setting up your custom logo.

Adding a custom logo to seat covers can also make for the perfect gift idea. We have added a range of custom logos to covers including logos for car enthusiasts, outdoor adventure and fishing hobbyists.

Call us today to add a custom logo to your covers and set your vehicle or commercial fleet apart from the rest.

Custom embroidered logos for heat exchangers and isuzu dmax